Hydrogen Explosion in Hickory Causes Damage Blocks Away


Hickory, NC ( L TOWN RADIO / Valerie Cook)-

Tuesday morning started with a bang for a Long View neighborhood. Literally. OneH2, Inc, a hydrogen fuel supplier near the Hickory airport, experienced an explosion that left severe damage to one wall of its plant and several area homes. The explosion was heard as far away as Vale, NC.

According to Terry Byers, spokesperson for Hickory Fire Department, Long View Fire Department received a call around 8:36 am that an explosion at ONEH2, Inc had occurred. The plant is in a residential area, and it was reported that damage occurred to houses more than three blocks away. The two homes closest to the plant appear to have sustained the most damage. One local resident, Lynn Rigsbee, whose house is two down from the plant, reported that the explosion ripped through her house and threw her on the floor from the sofa. She reported that it looked like “…this stream. An immense stream of steam-like going right through my house.” She also reports that several doors in her house were blown off their hinges, and it exited her house through the roof.  

Debra Powell, the owner of the house next to the plant, reports that there was significant damage to the interior of the house she rents out. Her own home, on the next street over, also suffered damage to the basement windows. Preliminary reports indicate that there was no fire, just an explosion. Fortunately, no one was injured in the explosion; and all employees were accounted for after the incident. At the time of this writing, the investigation into the explosion is still ongoing

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