What do Greece and Lincolnton have in common? More than you would think.

What do Greece and Lincolnton have in common? More than you would think. 

George Pitsikoulis, a world-renowned painter from Greece, has made a home in Denver, North Carolina. Because of that, the Arts Council of Lincoln County was fortunate enough to be able to feature some of Pitsikoulis’ artwork in their gallery. It displays in the Lincoln Cultural Center this month in an exhibit that will be open until September 27, 2019. 

George Pitsikoulis

Deanna McGinnis, Executive Director of Arts Council of Lincoln County, was thrilled to meet Pitsikoulis and give Lincolnton a taste of his art. She was there for his opening night on August 16 where he met gallery goers personally. 

We’re always excited when we get folks into the gallery. We had a lot of people turn out for George’s show. It’s always exciting to see that type of art in the gallery,” she said. “It’s great to have art in the gallery that people in Lincolnton can come and see, especially when they can meet the artist. It’s good when people can hear the story behind the art.”

Pitsikoulis moved to the United States when he was 15. His uncle lived in Charlotte, which made Pitsikoulis want to settle down in North Carolina after living in New York, Colorado, and California. NC also serves as a muse for his paintings. 

“I fell in love with the place. Now the cities and towns grow rapidly,” he said. “I love the place. It was the country, the landscape and people and everything kept me here.”

Pitsikoulis now lives in Denver, NC and has no plans of moving anytime soon. He values his geographic location because he says “it’s close to the mountains and the sea,” both of which he loves to paint. 

He said: “That is my source of inspiration. I only paint what I know, what I see, what I touch, and what I feel. I brought some ideas back [from other places], but it’s basically North Carolina.”

Pitsikoulis has made a painting career to be proud of, painting his legacy one stroke at a time. His unwavering dedication is more than a way to make a living; it’s a lifestyle. “I’ve spent all my life painting. I’ve traveled a lot and met a lot of wonderful people,” he said. “Ever since I can remember, I was painting. Nothing serious, but painting nonetheless. I do need to paint like we need air to breathe. I’ve made many sacrifices for painting.”

You can view Pitsikoulis artwork at the Lincoln Cultural Center, 403 East Main Street in downtown Lincolnton during business hours until September 27, 2019. As to if we can expect more appearances from Pitsikoulis, he said: “only time will tell.”

To learn more about the Arts Council of Lincoln County click the logo below.

Melissa Cordell
L Town Radio Staff Reporter

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