Lincolnton’s Main Street Artist

All over the country we see communities embracing public art to create uniqueness that will set them apart from the box stores, strip malls, and fast food areas that look the same in every city. In many urban areas it would be almost impossible to say where you are because it all looks the same […]


Foods You Shouldn’t Serve At Your Fourth Of July Barbecue

No summertime barbecue would be complete without burgers, grilled corn on the cob, and fresh fruit salad, but there are certain dishes that just don’t belong at a cookout. Some summer classics including macaroni salad and deviled eggs don’t do well when left outside, so when you’re planning your Fourth of July cookout, you may want to skip these foods. […]

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CANDY CRUSHED- Rev. Susan Walker

I’m one of the 293 million people who are playing Candy Crush in 2019 and sometimes people look at me and ask “YOU play Candy Crush?” as if church pastors should not be spending time on such trivial pursuits. I am not normally drawn to meaningless games but somehow this one got me six years ago and I have been playing it ever since. […]