Campaign Urges Folks To Embrace A “Veganuary”

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January will be here before you know it, and plenty of folks will be trying to stick to their New Years resolutions. For some, that will mean a dry January, with no booze for month, but now a new January commitment seems to be taking off that could make January even duller.

A campaign that has been gaining steam over the past few years is trying to get folks to commit to eating vegan for the entire month of January. Veganuary is asking the public to “choose compassion, take the pledge,” to eat no animal-derived foods for the entire first month of the year.

The campaign originally launched in the UK in 2014, but is now ramping up their international push, focusing on the U.S., Germany, South Africa and Chile. Since its initial launch it’s said to have inspired more than half a million people in 178 countries to go vegan. The 2020 campaign kicked off on December 1st, and so far has about 65,000 commitments, with a goal of getting 350,000 people to commit. 

“Our vision is simple,” notes the website. “We want a vegan world.”

  • To help those who commit, the organization provides starter kits, recipes, nutrition information, meal plans, tips on eating out and other forms of ongoing support. They hope that one month of vegan eating will prompt people to adopt the healthy lifestyle longer, with 47% of people claiming they did just that last year.

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