Foods And Drinks That Can Trigger A Headache

Lincolnton, NC (L TOWN RADIO)

If you knew that some of your favorite foods and drinks were causing that horrible headache, would you still eat or drink them?

Things like:

  • Aged Cheeses and Cured Meats – Stay far far away!
  • Beans – They give you gas AND headaches. Horrible!
  • Canned Food – If it comes in a can, it might come with a headache.
  • Booze – Drink a little at a time.
  • Dairy – Hope you’re not lactose intolerant. Bad combo!

The one thing that can save you from the head banging is good ole H2O!

If you do get a headache, make sure you also get some:

  • Peppermint – It soothes everything.
  • Caffeine – A caffeinated drink can offset the pain.
  • Himalayan Sea Salt – Water, salt and lemon are all you need.
  • Ginger – It’s as good as any medication.

What are some of your home remedies? Anything that works for you? Tried some “remedies” and they just backfired? What were they? We would love to hear from you!!!

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