Very Few Americans Are Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

While most people have given up the practice of slathering baby oil on our bodies and laying out in the sun for hours to get that perfect tan, it seems there are plenty of us who still haven’t gotten the message about how important it is to wear sunscreen.

A new survey by Realself finds that only 10% of Americans wear sunscreen every day, while 47% admit to never wearing sunscreen at all. The survey notes that 53% of Americans do say they wear sunscreen at least once a week, with 93% of folks putting it on their faces, followed by their neck (74%), and arms (73%). Unfortunately, only 28% of folks say they always or almost always re-apply throughout the day, with men more likely than women to do so (34% vs. 25%). 

So, why aren’t people wearing sunscreen as they should? Well, the top reason for skipping it is thinking they don’t get enough sun exposure to need it (56%). Other top reasons include:

  • Having skin that doesn’t burn easily (25%)
  • Not liking how sunscreen feels on the skin (18%)
  • Want to but forget (13%)
  • Too expensive (7%)
  • Too busy (5%)

ONE MORE THING! For those who do wear sunscreen, preventing cancer is the biggest motivation (74%) followed by preventing the look or feel of sunburn (47%) and preventing the appearance of aging (46%).

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