10 Daily Mantras to Inspire Happiness by Barbara McKay

Special Feature Writer for L Town Radio- Mrs. Barbara McKay

A mantra – or a word, sound, or phrase repeated to aid in your concentration while meditating – can help you train your mind to be more positive.

I believe each and every day should be a positive one, no matter what it may the day may bring you. I find that one way way to focus on the “good” is to begin each day with a mantra to bring in a positive outlook, and exclude the negative.

While some enjoy having one personal mantra they repeat daily, many others like to have a variety of positive affirmations for day-to-day positivity.  Read on for 10 daily mantras to inspire happiness, and help you have your best day!

1. I will not judge or criticize anyone, including myself.

2. I will be grateful for everything.

3. My worth does not depend on others.

4. My setbacks are not failures.

5. I will be kind.

6. Each day is a blessing and a new beginning.

7. I will have an open heart and mind.

8. Suffering is temporary, and it will get better.

9. I will appreciate the simple things.

10. I am capable of more than I can imagine.

Tell Me: Do you use mantras for positive reinforcement?

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Barbara McKay is one of Charlotte’s most popular and recognizable media personalities. Her delightful interviewing style and appealing approach in communicating with a television audience made her a media mainstay. Barbara appeared daily as co-host of the noontime show Top O’the Day on CBS affiliate WBTV for over 16 years interviewing top local, regional, and national experts on a variety of topics, as well as major stars in the entertainment industry, along with instructing thousands of viewers on different approaches to culinary excellence. Barbara also created, executive produced and hosted several other shows locally, regionally and nationally following her daily noon time show.

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