Area SWAT Teams Conduct Training Involving Transportation Incidents

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s office SWAT Team, Hickory Police SWAT Team, York County, SC SWAT Team and officers from the Department of Homeland Security TSA Inspectors conducted training Wednesday at Christian Tours at 4643 South NC 16 Hwy in Newton, NC.

The training was put together by TSA and Christian Tour Safety for the local units should they encounter incidents such as hostage takeover on all types of public and private transportation.  

The teams used a number of different scenarios on immobilizing a large charter bus that carries 52 passengers down to a 12 passenger van.  Team members say Christian Tours provided a great training environment for them. They allowed all the teams attending the training to use three separate charter buses along with shuttle buses and vans.  SWAT team members were given access to mechanics and bus drivers who provided priceless knowledge about the workings of buses.

The SWAT teams were allowed to use simulation (dummy) rounds while on the buses to practice using their actual weapons to shoot at paper targets and role players.  Participants were provided food by Christian Tours and said the training was invaluable and gave the members a great networking opportunity.

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