Featured Fall Craw Artist Shared Proceeds with Todd Wilson


Melissa Cordell – L Town Radio

Todd Wilson is renowned around Lincoln County for his eccentric shopping cart full of items. One Lincolnton resident snapped a photo at exactly the right time.

Dana Simmons, owner of Crazy Daisy’s Snack Shack, doesn’t consider herself an artist. She dabbles in photography as a hobby. Simmons credits Todd as the true artist of this photo. “He did the art, I’m just an admirer,” she said. “I always enjoy looking at his creations, but this particular time I just thought it was exceptional and wanted to take a picture just for myself.”

At last Friday’s Fall Crawl, Simmons sold copies of the photograph she took. Then she only deemed it right to split half of the proceeds with Todd himself. “I decided this week to do a booth at the art crawl and wanted to showcase his art but didn’t want to take credit or profit off his work, so I put a sign that half the sales would go to Todd,” she told L Town Radio.

This was something Todd definitely was not expecting. “He was really excited. He said ‘that’s my buggy!’ He told me I could take a picture of his buggy anytime and he would clean it up for me,” she recounted.

Simmons has sold copies to customers as far as Florida. She takes orders through Facebook Messenger but would like to have a spot at a local business to sell them. “It would be easier for people to know where to get them,” she said.

Artist Donna Downey showcases her art in Treasures On Main

Friday’s Fall Crawl in downtown Lincolnton was rebranded after being the Cultural Crawl for the past few years. Betty Flohr, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Association of Lincolnton, said: “[The] DDA talked with the downtown merchants regarding the event to get them involved. Everybody I talked to was excited and wanted to participate. This event has happened for several years, and this is the first year in a while where all three organizations (Cultural Center, Arts Council, and the DDA) have jointly worked this event. It’s been so fun working Cathy and Deanna. We [were] excited to see the streets of downtown Lincolnton come to life after five.”

L Town’s Very Own Todd Wilson and Artist Dana Simmons

Deanna McGinnis, Executive Director of the Arts Council of Lincoln County told L Town Radio, “We are very excited to be apart of the team that helped organize this amazing event. It is filled with great talented artists. My favorite thing is always getting to work as a team with other organizations to bring in talent to beautiful downtown Lincolnton, which is my hometown.”

The next time you are driving down Main Street and happen to look over and see Todd with his shopping cart, stop and take it in for a minute. Look past the “junk” as most people would call it and find the art that such a fantastic artist as Todd could create.

The spirit of coming together. Dana Simmons coming together to help Todd and three organizations banding together for one common goal: Culture in Downtown Lincolnton.  

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