East Lincoln High School Administration Contacts Parents Regarding Alleged Threat


East Lincoln High School parents received a call and email at 10 p.m. this evening regarding a situation administration, and police were alerted to earlier today. The email read: 

“This is Mrs. [Mary Beth] Avery, Principal of East Lincoln High School. I apologize for this late night phone call/email, but I need to make you aware that we are very alert to the rumored potential school incident currently circulating on social media accounts and throughout our Mustang community. Our district leadership is informed as well as our School Resource Officer and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. School safety is always a priority at East Lincoln High School. We’ve been working diligently as a team throughout the evening to investigate this concern. Please be assured that additional support will be inactive [sic] and in place on our campus. Thank you to all students and families that have reached our to us tonight. We recognize your worries, and we appreciate your worries, and we appreciate your openness in keeping us informed. Please know that we care, we are responsive, and engaged in taking all necessary precautions to keep our Mustangs safe and our campus focused on teaching and learning. In all things, EAST!”

Sheriff Bill Beam

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department responded to comment on this situation. Sheriff Bill Beam said: “We were contacted by the school system regarding the threats. We take every threat seriously. We took swift action to ensure the safety of Lincoln County Schools’ students and faculty. There will be increased deputy presence in the morning and throughout the day.” 

Due to the age of the persons involved, no further information can be given at this time. Sheriff Beam concluded, “It’s been handled.”

The phone call and email have left parents of East Lincoln High School students unsettled. Jenny Rickard, a parent of two ELHS students, still isn’t sure if she will send her kids to school tomorrow. “At first I was getting a phone call at 10 o’clock at night. Something told me to answer it,” she said. “And first I was a little confused, and then I was like what kind of threat?” 

Regarding the content of the communication, Rickard said: “The information I’ve been given isn’t really settling my nerves about it. I would like to know if there was a threat made at our school that the person was taken into custody. I think the phone message I got and the letter was vague.”

While Rickard understands “they’re limited on the information they can give,” she admitted it was still “unnerving. I would like to have another call to update me in the morning that says ‘Hey, it’s ok to send your kid to school’ or something. This world is so crazy that you never know.”

Cathy G. Davis
Lincoln County School Board

Cathy G. DavisChairwoman of the Lincoln County School Board, said: “It was reported late in the day that there was an alleged threat at ELHS. Sergeant Calhoun and Student Resource Officer Crouse have led and continue to investigate. There will be additional Officers and safety measures in place tomorrow morning (Tuesday) and throughout the day.”

This is a developing story that L Town Radio will continue to update. If you have any information, contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department at (704) 732-9050.

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