Local, State and Federal Investigation Leads to Drug Arrests

A local, state and federal investigation has resulted in several arrests and seizure of narcotics and currency.

During the last six months, a collaborative investigative effort into the distribution of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana centered around the local area led to the arrests. These efforts resulted in the seizure of 6,800 pounds of marijuana that was interdicted at the United States and Mexico border. The shipment of marijuana was marked for delivery in Lincoln County, NC. This investigation has also resulted in the seizure of 18 kilograms of cocaine and currency in the Hickory and Alexander County area.

Jose Luis Garcia, 31, of Claremont, NC, and Juan Olmos, 52, of Newton, NC and Michael Proffitt, 36, were arrested and charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine and trafficking cocaine. Bond for Garcia was set at $700,000, bond for Olmos was placed at $500,000 and bond for Proffitt was set at $100,000. Crispin Fair, 50, was charged with trafficking heroin and incarcerated in Guilford County. A check of Garcia’s immigration status revealed that he is not legally in the United States and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are investigating.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office narcotics investigators assisted in the location and apprehension of Juan Olmos.

Lincoln County Sheriff
Bill Beam

Sheriff Bill Beam told L Town Radio, “The partnership that we have with other law enforcement agencies, with local, surrounding counties, state and federal, are extremely important.” Sheriff Beam went on to say, “We have officers that are assigned to a task force with both Homeland Security and DEA, which opens the door to more resources and training for our community and makes us more successful in the war against drugs.”

The following agencies are involved in the investigation: Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Protection, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Catawba County Sheriff’s Office, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Alexander County Sheriff’s Office, Burke County Sheriff’s Office, Newton Police Department, Longview Police Department, Hickory Police Department, and Greensboro Police Department.

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