New Search Warrant Issued for Lincolnton High School Principal amid allegation of misconduct with students. Residence and Office Searched.

Lincolnton, NC (L TOWN RADIO)Matthew J. Burton

Tony Worley, Former Principal of Lincolnton High School.

New Search Warrants Issued in the Case of Tony Worley. Lincolnton High School principal Tony Worley has voluntarily resigned from his post amid allegations of misconduct with students. As Required by Superintendent Lori Morrow, in order to receive his resignation, Worley surrendered any and all professional licenses to be a School Administrator or Teacher to the North Carolina State Board Of Education.

The Lincolnton Police Department is investigating allegations against Worley. L Town Radio obtained the Search Warrant from the Lincoln County Clerk of Court and revealed multiple items were seized from Worley’s Residence. Items included bedding, white towel, high school graduation picture, multiple thumb drives, storage devices, multiple cameras, multiple cell phones, laptop and also VHS Tapes. Based on the current investigation the incident in question began around April 24, 2019. Worley was allegedly active on a geosocial networking and online dating application, Grinder, geared towards gay, bi and trans people and on Snapchat. Allegedly Worley sent a total of 6 nude photos of males from his account to a student. Worley also allegedly sent photos of a residence that is confirmed to be Worley’s residence. Photos were also sent of inside of the residence. Worley allegedly also sent text messages to the student from his personal cellphone. Photos were also received from the student from the alleged Snapchat account from Worley which included photos of students in Worley’s residence. The student also stated that he was involved in a “emotional connected relationship” with Worley.

A Former North Lincoln High School student was also named in the report as part of and incident where Worley taunted the Lincolnton High School Student by saying that the North Lincoln Student was on his way over for a sexual activity.

On June 26, 2019, L Town Radio received the second search warrant from the Lincoln County Clerk of Court. Lincolnton Police Department searched the office of Worley at Lincolnton High School room #231. The new warrant is stated this is the personal office of Tony Worley where male students were called to the office alone with Worley and messages / photos were sent / received / taken and or location transmitted.

Items that were seized in the Search of Worley’s Office included: Iphone, Apple Macbook, Ipod Touch, multiple thumb drives, DVD=R Disc which was labeled “LHS 1-09-19”, Composition / Meeting notes and computer tower. A gift certificate was also found with a note stating “Thank you for less severe punishment.”

The Lincolnton Police Department is continuing the investigation.

The Residence of Tony Worley

L Town Radio also knocked on Worley’s door to tell his story and was not able to get anyone to the door for a statement.

The district also says they are investigating misconduct with students. Over the next several days and weeks, Dr. Morrow and her staff will be working diligently to name an acting principal and/or move forward with hiring a new principal for Lincolnton High School. Human Resources and Central Services staff will be supporting school administration to ensure that effective operations of the school continues throughout the summer months.

If you or anyone has any information regarding this case please contact Lincolnton Police Department At 704-736-8900.

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