Sheriff Bill Beam
Lincoln County Sheriff

Sheriff Bill Beam of Lincoln County offers some safety tips for parents and youngsters as they return to school this year.

During the opening days of school Sheriff Beam will station additional officers at all schools to help with the flow of traffic especially for first-time students. Parents or relatives who will be bringing students to the school will be shown the correct entrance and exit for each school to help with the flow of traffic. Sheriff Beam stressed that a lot of attention would be on the traffic patterns around the schools.

All Lincoln County middle and high schools along with the Charter Schools will have School Resource Officers this school year. The school resource officers are under the leadership of 1sr Sgt. Richard Calhoun. Calhoun has been working during the summer preparing the School Resource Officers for the upcoming year.

For those students who will be walking back and forth to school or their school bus stops this year.

“Parents can teach their children the following safety tips which will inform the youngsters of the danger signs to watch for and avoid when walking between the school or school bus stop and home,” Sheriff Beam said.

“Drivers should be cautious of children walking from home to school or school bus stop,” added the Sheriff. “We can all learn from the safety tips below and abide by them to make Lincoln County safer for all.”

· While walking, remember to always travel with a friend. Two heads are better than one, especially if there’s an emergency.

· A stranger is anyone you or your parents don’t know well.

· You or your friend must never take candy, money, medicine or anything else from a stranger.

· If a stranger in a car asks you questions, don’t get close to the car (you could get pulled in) – and never get in the car.

· Strangers can be very tricky – they can ask you to walk with them to “show” them something; they can offer to pay for your video game, or ask you to help them find a lost dog or cat. Don’t be fooled!

· Don’t tell anyone your name or address when you’re walking and don’t think that because someone knows your name that they know you – they may just be looking at your name printed on your lunch box, school bag or T-shirt.

· If you think you’re in any danger, yell, and run to the nearest store or “safe house” or back to school.

· Always tell your parents or teacher if a stranger has approached you.

“By taking the time to carefully prepare your child on how to handle these situations, you can ensure your child’s safety whether they are on their way to school or home, playing on a playground or riding their bikes,” Sheriff Beam concludes.

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