Most Americans Have Something In Their House Being Held Together By Duct Tape

While a lot of people may know the proper way to fix things around the house, it seems there are plenty of people who are clueless, which is where duct tape comes in. 

A new survey by Duck Brand finds:

  • 51% of Americans have something in their house that’s being held together by duct tape.
  • The average person is using duct tape as a temporary fix for seven things in their home.
  • They leave the tape on for at least eight days before getting something properly fixed.
  • 37% are using duct tape to fix something in their cars.
  • 88% of people say duct tape is the first thing they reach for when something breaks.
  • Another 78% of people believe it’s “magical.”

So, what are the most common things in homes being held together by duct tape? Well, plumbing and pipes are the most popular (48%). 

Other things folks are using duct tape on include:

  • Hose (47%)
  • Vehicle (35%)
  • Toilet (34%)
  • Cut/wound (32%)
  • Book (26%)
  • Garden tools (22%)
  • Laptop/computer (21%)
  • Shower (20%)
  • Bike (19%)
  • Cell phone (19%)

Some of these items are a bit shocking but some are possibly being held up by Duct Tape as you are reading this. So I have to know…

  • Do you have duct tape for your house? Is there something in your house currently being held together by duct tape?
  • How long will you keep duct tape on a problem before you get it properly fixed?
  • What are you most likely to use duct tape on? 

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Matt Burton

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