Like Cheese?? There’s a entire Cheese Theme Park for you!

Lincolnton, NC (L Town Radio)

If you like to plan your vacations around the food you’ll eat there, listen up. There’s a cheese theme park in South Korea with a full 32-acres of “relaxing and peaceful” space dedicated to all things cheese. Up until a few decades ago, many people in Korea had never heard of cheese, let alone tasted it or made it. Now a 32-acre cheese-themed fun park in the small county of Imsil is an expression of the country’s love affair with the food.

At the Imsil Cheese Theme Park visitors can take pizza-making classes, a cheese-making course, dine at two restaurants, stroll the grounds to see the cheese-shaped buildings and statues, and even ride down a slide to the Cheese Playland.

If you plan your trip during October, that’s when the park hosts the Imsil Cheese Festival. But cheese lovers will have fun there anytime of year because they have something called the cheese castle and that’s got to be good.

Matthew “Matt Man” Burton

Matt Burton is the Station General Manager of L Town Radio and the Host of The Nationally Syndicated Afternoon Drive Home Show “The Drive Home with Matt Burton” featured on L Town Radio and on Iheart Radio Channels.

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