More Americans Taking “Micro-Cations”

Lincolnton, NC (L TOWN RADIO) Matthew J. Burton

While it may seem like all of your colleagues are out of the office for weeks at a time once summer vacation rolls around, a new survey finds more and more people are actually taking shorter trips to satisfy their need to get away.

The poll by Allianz Global Assistance finds that 57% of Americans didn’t take a leisure trip that was more than four nights last year. What’s more, 18% of Americans say their longest vacation last year was only three to four nights, while 11% said they didn’t take a trip that constituted more than one or two nights.

Millennials are the most likely to take such “micro-cations,” defined as a leisure trip less than five nights. In fact, 72% of Millennials took at least one micro-cation last year, something 69% of Gen X’ers and 60% of Baby Boomers did. 

  • As for why people like shorter vacations, it’s simple – it means they can have more of them. It seems 25% of folks, say they took at least three micro-cations last year, with that number going up to 29% for Millennials. Plus, 32% of people say it’s easier to take off from work for shorter periods of time, while 32% simply didn’t need more than five nights for their trip. Money is also an issue, with 19% saying they didn’t want to spend money on a longer trip. 
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